About Matt Hurst

Hello, My name is Matthew. I’m a communications pro and social media geek living in New York City.  I’m the same @MattHurst who’s on: Twitter, Facebook, and on my blog at MatthewHurst.com.

I like to use this Tumblr blog to share my favorite internet memes, cultural commentary, infographics, political snark, and anything  ironic. Occasionally I even try to start a few memes of my own through the blog, which I’ve kept updated since June 2009.  Ideas shared on Tumblr are my own, and aren’t necessarily shared by my employers (full disclosure here http://cmp.ly/4/obr9ec and noted in posts whenever applicable)

On Tumblr I’m also the Brew Noob, the Downfallr, and my photoblog is Speaking in MegaPixels. I curate a Music/Mixtape blog as well, and created my own caption blog about Beck (my favorite musician).

Irony is dead; long live Irony!  (Don’t hate the hipster, hate the irony…)

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