"Made in New York ft. Derek Jeter" is one of the finer tributes (and better advertisements) I’ve seen for an athlete in awhile.

If you don’t get a little choked up watching this, you may need to check your pulse…

Stephen Colbert promotes his X-files fanfic in discussing the Government’s technologoical innovations

What the Is Saint Louis Thinking? Watch this promo for a book, in which locals of all backgrounds talk about their hometown in their own words…

Jack and Meg handing out flowers to the audience after the show

Jeff Goldblum on Conan, via savangeles:

I’m like Sherlock Holmes in many ways. [x]

stupendous. what a gem.

Via The Onion: Social Media is revolutionizing how parents stalk their kids.  

A little dated by Facebook and Twitter references, but the bit holds up surprisingly well 5 years later…

Quick question: Why is a flash mob of hipsters and yoga moms called a ‘farmer’s market?’
Conan (via teamcoco)

My client said he was a bit of a photoshop wiz…


So I sent him the photoshop file for a mockup to review.

Client: Do you want some hard criticism?

Me: Sure.

Client: I think the design is really good, but the checkered, gray background is busy and distracting. Just saying, it’s not how I’d do it