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All you’re going to hear from now on is that net neutrality proponents want to “regulate the internet,” a conflation so insidious it boggles the mind. Comcast and Time Warner Cable and Verizon are not the internet. We are the internet — the people. It is us who make things like Reddit and Facebook and Twitter vibrant communities of unfiltered conversation. It is us who wield the unaffected market power that picks Google over Bing and Amazon over everything. It’s us who turned Netflix from a DVD-by-mail company into a video giant that uses a third of the US internet’s bandwidth each night. And it is us who can quit stable but boring corporate jobs to start new businesses like The Verge and Vox Media without anyone’s permission. Comcast and Verizon are just pipes. The dumber the better.
Nilay Patel, writing about a ruling in the DC circuit court which struck down the FCC’s policies on Net Neutrality, and the forthcoming debate about legislating the rules which govern the web.

Using lower-court footage of actual testimony in Fox vs. the FFC, and dramatic music to explain the recent Supreme Court decision about “obscene language”