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Jock Jams: How The Song "Seven Nation Army" Conquered The Sports World

via ethanstanislawski:

What makes “Seven Nation Army” different from most stadium anthems is that it actually has replay value. In February 2004, it won a Grammy for Best Rock song. The Grammys aren’t the ideal barometer of cool, but “Who Let the Dogs Out?” never won a little gilded gramophone, did it? [CORRECTION: ”Who Let the Dogs Out?” won Best Dance Recording in 2000. Deadspin regrets overestimating the Grammys.] It’s not syrupy like “Sweet Caroline,” or melodramatic like “We Are the Champions,” or gimmicky (or performed by a horrible, horrible person) like “Rock and Roll Part II.” A few years ago, The Guardian wondered if it was “the indiest football anthem of all time.”