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Back to the Future’s Terrible Newspaper


imageNew York Magazine’s Jonathan Chait explores the inconsistencies in the pseudo-reportage featured in the Back to the Future movies. It seems that even fictional journalism is subject to the same foibles of its real world counterparts. And, obviously, a time machine adds to the problem of revisionist history.

Big Bird should have read newspapers instead of books…Remix this image on

Big Bird should have read newspapers instead of books…

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Front page headlines: comparing top U.S. News websites headlines following the Supreme Court’s decision on health care laws today.

For the full list of Top News websites in the U.S., check out this list on Nielsen’s blog.

Words Journalists Use That People Never Say

Among my favorite cliches that people never use in natural conversation:

Critics contend
Strib: “Critics contend that young, developing businesses and smaller websites could be saddled with expensive litigation costs.”

Journo Dad: “Critics contend that you kids don’t hop into the tub when you’re supposed to.”

I believe in the process of news and the responsibility of a local newspaper to provide news to the citizens. Unfortunately, newspapers are helmed by old, decrepit captains who cannot see past their bifocals way down their noses reading about yesterday with all the relevance of the Hindenberg blimp disaster.
Tim Akimoff of Poynter Online