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Via The Onion: Social Media is revolutionizing how parents stalk their kids.  

A little dated by Facebook and Twitter references, but the bit holds up surprisingly well 5 years later…

Steve Carell’s “The Decision” spoofs LeBron James on the ESPY Awards

#RejectedWeirdAlSongs @midnight via comedycentral:

One of these #RejectedWeirdAlSongs will be featured on tonight’s new fatmidnight!

"Word Crimes" by Weird Al is an anthem for every copywriter and grammar stickler.

St. Louis Blues forward TJ Oshie tries out for the cover of Madden 2015 #NHL15Oshie

Honest Trailer’s presents the 1998 remake of Godzilla, presented more honestly than the original film was being promoted…

Game of Social Thrones, split into social media kingdoms in this parody video

This is (not) a Trent Reznor song…