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Via The Onion: Social Media is revolutionizing how parents stalk their kids.  

A little dated by Facebook and Twitter references, but the bit holds up surprisingly well 5 years later…

#RejectedWeirdAlSongs @midnight via comedycentral:

One of these #RejectedWeirdAlSongs will be featured on tonight’s new fatmidnight!

Game of Social Thrones, split into social media kingdoms in this parody video

When non-native English speaking kids use better grammar than celebrities on Twitter!

via buzzfeed:

These Brazilian kids have been learning English by gently correcting celebrities’ grammar on Twitter. 

How Twitter is Changing the Geography of Communication

via theatlanticcities:

“We wrote in late 2011 about some early research suggesting that many Twitter users in fact follow other people located within their same city, evidence, Richard Florida wrote, that the Internet is reinforcing the value of place instead of eliminating it.

But now that Twitter is a few years older – and considerably more global – Leetaru and several colleagues have conducted a massive new analysis of the site that suggests the opposite: ‘In effect,’ Leetrau says, ‘location plays a much lesser role now in terms of who we talk to, what we talk about, and where we get our information.’”

Follow Friday, Internet Week NY edition

I made a few new friends during Internet Week in NYC, and had a chance to learn from more smart people speaking onstage but also through audience conversation on Twitter.  Here are some neat folks worth Following this Friday:

Hope to see some of these highly social folks around the rest of the web (or at least on Twitter)…

How most social media managers see discussion on Twitter…

Sometimes the hardest part is monitoring what consumers are actually saying in social media about your company.  Especially in YouTube comments…

Just saying, in case you think no one is listening, re: termsofenragement:

Corporate social media accounts just remind me of this:


By this time, there was a full-on frenzy as thousand upon thousands of tweets poured out, many celebrating new media’s victory in trouncing old media. It was all so shockingly new and the pitch was so high and it was so late at night on one of the craziest days in memory. That Redditors might have identified the bomber hours before anyone but law enforcement seemed like amazing redemption for people who’d supported Reddit’s crowdsourcing efforts.

Alexis Madrigal, explaining how crowdsourcing on Reddit and Twitter led them to misidentify the wrong people as the Boston bombers.

Lesson learned: the internet is great at some investigations, but amateur analysis can’t be confirmed as fact. Sometimes we need to leave detective work to the professionals…