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Via The Onion: Social Media is revolutionizing how parents stalk their kids.  

A little dated by Facebook and Twitter references, but the bit holds up surprisingly well 5 years later…

Demo video for Autodesk, a key 3D graphics technology first released in 1989, introducing datagloves and head mounted displays to an audience unfamiliar with VR technology. Skip to 5:30 to see a trippy endorsement by Dr. Timothy Leary, who advocated for Virtual Reality later in his career.

Visualizing cultural mobility and “soft-power” spread over hundreds of years in this DataViz map

This Three-Minute Video Challenges You to Overcome Your Attention Span

NSFW: Brain finally reaches his breaking point with Pinky

45 years ago today astronauts from Apollo 11 landed on the moon.  Yet today some people still remain skeptical this ever happened.  There are many ways to debunk the claims made by those who believe the moon landing was “a hoax”, but here’s one more reason: we didn’t have the video technology nor “movie magic” sufficient to fake the moon landing.

Ever wonder how Netflix decides on what TV Shows and Movies to license for streaming? This short video helps explain…


I don’t know how I have missed Emily Heller’s new comedy fortune telling so far but I AM GOING TO FIX THIS MISTAKE RIGHT NOW, and so are you. 

Emily Heller is really funny. You remember her from CODEFELLAS. She is my hero.

And here she is with another of my heroes, “Little Hockey” himself, TIM MEADOWS.

Watch this and then watch ALL of the episodes and then everyone send Emily ten dollars cash in the mail. Put it in a card that says: THANK YOU. Or I WISH YOU WERE NOT MY GRANDPA or whatever. 

Do they even still make “I WISH YOU WERE NOT MY GRANDPA” cards? 

It comes up a lot.

Meanwhile, good morning, and THAT IS ALL. 

Emily Heller gives her celebrity psychic reading to Tim Meadows

Every Stanley Cup celebration since 1949